Prophecies of the end (five to one)

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And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn; and they will see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven, with great power and great majesty. Matthew 24:30

Would you dare to make a bet of five to one? Of course it is not worth it because the results are not in favor, continuing with the biblical prophetic theme it is necessary to note that all prophecies do not engage in catastrophic events that is what terrifies people, everyone wants to know the future but only what they are interested in, what they do not discard, people want to know about their family in the future, their future economic improvement, how they will succeed tomorrow, how to overcome the economic crisis, but to continue here, but what will happen with the world in general you will be interested to know it? With the prophetic Bible study of the book of Daniel chapter 2, we have the complete picture of the beginning and end of the world, from that stage to today, and the five prophesied kingdoms have been fulfilled and there is only one kingdom to be fulfilled and it is the final kingdom of God, the prophecy said that the statue represented five kingdoms (head of gold - Babylonia, 605 to 539 BC, silver breast - Medos and Pers as 539 to 331 a.C., belly and thigh of bronze - Greece 331 to 168 a.C., legs of iron -Roma 168 a.C. to 476 AD, and clay feet cooked with iron Rome after division by the barbarian tribes - European states from 476 AD. until the present date) as we saw earlier each metal represented a kingdom, and at the end of all the kingdoms (of the feet of mud, our present time) a stone cut not with hand, will strike the feet of the statue and would end with all the kingdoms of the world and an eternal kingdom will be established forever where the same God will be our regent, that symbol of the stone, represents the visible return of Jesus Christ to the earth and the establishment of his kingdom forever. The serious question; Do you believe in this event? Already five of the six prophesied events or kingdoms have been perfectly fulfilled, only one is yet to be fulfilled and it is at this time that it will find its fulfillment, do you think this is the case? You can review the universal history and you will observe the faithful fulfillment of the prophecy given more than 2600 years ago and there is no other event or kingdom of prosperity prophesied for the world, but the kingdom of God, I particularly prefer to believe and it is common sense or Logically, if five of the six prophesied events have been fulfilled, what security do we have in this last event? The bible has announced it, Jesus Christ himself has assured it; Matthew 24:30 "And then shall the sign of the Son of man appear in heaven, and all the nations of the earth shall mourn; and they will see the son of man who comes in the clouds of heaven, with great power and great majesty "why should the nations lament? Because having all the signs and prophecies, they decided not to believe them and now seeing that it is a reality and that they are lost, the pain and the crying will be great because they have ignored the signs. God wants you not to be a reader and critic only, but to use reason and logic to understand what is about to happen in the world for these last days, you can have the opportunity of this new world offered by God, for the who believe or can reject and wait to see what happens, however for those who have ever bet, remember if five of the six events have been fulfilled, what are the chances that the latter prophesied in the whole Bible and fully complied with is it fulfilled?

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 27-Jun-2018