Vanos thoughts?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, which are vain. 1 Corinthians 3:20

Our Thought is related to our mind, which is the ability of people to form ideas and representations of reality; and the word vanos is an adjective that has no foundation; do not make illusions, that has no desired utility or effect, lack of reality. This happens when some young people or even adults, we start to write or think, without adjusting to a topic without any objective, it is like something fantastic, they are thoughts that even happen when we give rein to our thoughts, being alone or accompanied. God reminds us "For out of the heart come evil thoughts" Matthew 15: 19, This happens when God is not in my thoughts, when we forget him, and our heart has gone behind vanity making us vain. When we have impure thoughts and these are recorded in our cerebral furrow where nothing is erased and then remains there for a long time, entertains or flirts in the mind this influences us, in what we listen voluntarily, we hear what they say, and we see, this it is not erased, not having control of our life. An adage expresses; We can not stop the birds from flying over our heads; but if we can prevent them from making their nest: here the birds are equivalent to our impure thoughts, for example when they offer us a cigarette, a glass of liquor, or we perform acts that go against our principles or transgression of moral laws, pornographic readings, as Ellen G. White states: "Rule your thoughts, and then it will be much easier for you to govern your actions and avoid the example of those who are seeking their own pleasure and delight, and who have no delight, they have no fear of God" of the Testimonies Volume 1, 298, p. 1688). Every emotion and every desire must be subject to reason and conscience, every unsanctified thought must be rejected immediately. The scars of a wounded conscience will remain forever (mental quality control, page 74, author Fernando Zabala). In conclusion to have good thoughts, we need to feed ourselves every day of good things, hear, see and feel what is good, but if we caress, we see and hear what is bad as we have to finish in our minds? Well, totally full of garbage.

Author: Carlos Ramírez

Publication date: 09-Jul-2018