God will sustain you, do not be afraid, do not doubt!

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Do not forget the hospitality, because for this some unknowingly hosted angels. Hebrews 13: 2

It was the strongest scarce ever seen, three years had passed without raining a single drop of water, not even the dew that falls in the early hours, the drought destroyed all the crops and water sources: A woman, widowed, poor and with a Little boy, was picking some dry branches to light the stove and cook the last handful of flour and oil he had, was that and then wait for death from hunger of her and her son, what would happen to her mind? I can not imagine it, but I suppose I did not want to think anything, since the agony of seeing her little son die of hunger destroyed her. At that precise moment a man with strong features arrives and asks him to give her water, something that was vital at the time, since there was a lack of water, she without thinking that she would miss it later, she gets up and goes to look for water for the stranger, but the stranger calls her again and she returns, and he asks her to give her a piece of bread too. She explains to the man that she does not have enough to give, that she only has a little bit for one last meal for her and her little one and then just lie down to wait for death. The stranger who was also a servant of the living God answered him; "Okay, see how you said and prepare the bread, but serve me first and then prepare for you and for your son, because God has said so; the jar of flour will not run short, nor will the jar of oil be diminished, until the day in which Jehovah rains rain from heaven "There was no greater proof of faith than this, to give the last food of his son trusting in a promise of a strange God for her, however she took the step of faith in which we both failed, she trusted in that God she did not know, she went and prepared bread for the visitor, for her and for her son, not only that time , but again and again for many days, until the rain fell again. These words have not lost any strength until today, our God continues to put in the path of his children, disguised opportunities that require a great leap of faith, and those who take advantage of these opportunities, will find much joy and will satisfy their own needs. "If you pour out your soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul, your light will be born in the darkness, and your darkness will be like noonday; and Jehovah will guide you always, and in the droughts your soul will shepherd, and you will fatten your bones and you will be like the irrigated garden and like source of waters, whose waters never lack "Isaiah 58: 10,11 The same God of yesterday is still the same God of today, and if he says do not worry that he will sustain you, do not worry, he will do so.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 11-Jul-2018