First me, then me, and in the end only me.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

The one who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and he will give him his pay. Proverbs 19:17

In the current revolution that we are experiencing worldwide, the emphasis that preaches is the glory itself, the self-proclamation of the human being, everything that is developed or invented goes in order to make you feel better and bigger than the others, in the marketing the objective pursued is to make people want to become better than others, and women do not dress for dressing or feel simply beautiful or satisfied, but to be the most beautiful of all, to be number one, Like gentlemen, all the investment of their resources is for themselves, the emphasis is self-proclamation. This current era leaves aside family, friends, brothers and society, exalts only one person; to itself, if you watch all the current television programs or reality shows, they all carry the same principle, exalt a single winner, only one deserves the prize, only one at the top, but the others what? When you interview the threatened ones for elimination in the contests because you deserve to stay in the program? The answer is almost always the same; "Because I’m better than all the other participants" God when he made human beings made them to interact and live in community, in fellowship and dependence among us, not for human exaltation, but to recognize that everything we have was adjudged by God, not even life is ours, but that everything we have and are belongs to God, and if this is so then self-exaltation is sin, since it consists in taking over the glory that belongs only to God and using it as if we were in God’s place. That’s why we see a wrong world, mothers worried about themselves abandon their children, brothers who are not interested in the needs or sufferings of their own, or their own blood, can see them die next, but first are their needs and pleasures. Everyone goes in search of their own enjoyment and complacency, regardless of who they walk or who they mishap in the attempt while reaching the top of the road. Men no longer see women as a companion to share the future or to love and create a family, but as a butt and a few breasts nothing more, that is, a unique tool of pleasure only for their enjoyment, without caring about their lives or feelings. And they see simply in the possible male partners who are going to satisfy their economic needs and egocentrism, not in a person, and that’s why when the calamity, need or misfortune in the relationship comes, the separation also comes, since it only they kept for what they could get from the other. God gave us life to serve and love others, he gave us a commission as well as the disciples I command them to preach the gospel to the whole world tribe nation and language. And the gospel is nothing but the hope of redemption, salvation and change for a world that perishes in ignorance and self-exaltation. You are important to God, but not above anyone, because others are important to him, you are not better than anyone, and no one is better than you, but if you do something remember that the best way to save yourself or to help yourself is to do it for others, love others, do not be like the crowd, everything is for them, be different and fulfill the mandate of Jesus, share love, share hope, share your life and this will make that you can then be in the best place, in the arms and approval of God. Our mission in the world is not to take advantage of others, or be the best, but serve God and our neighbor, never lose your way, the most important thing is not you, but your importance and your value is to give yourself for others , what you need, God will pay for it.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 24-Jul-2018