How can I serve God?

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And whatever you do, do it with your heart, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23

Perhaps many wonder how I can serve God, and the answer is very simple, doing everything that comes to your hand to do, to do it as if it were for God, not only priests, pastors or lay people serve God, serve God is to make everything perfect as for him, that is, if you are a housewife, the best work you can do for God is to educate your children in the fear of God, with values ​​and principles for the future, teaching them respect for God and people. , enabling them to be good men or women who are a blessing to society, there is no work more valued by God than this, if you are perhaps mechanical, your work should honor God, not cheating or fraud, but leaving high the name of that God in whom you believe, God does not accept mediocrity, or pettiness or selfishness, let alone fraud. That is why no matter how small or simple it may seem, if you do it as if it were for God, God will accept your work as an offering or service for him. Our life, our character should reflect God, our work should draw people’s attention to God, so when asked how I can serve God the immediate response should be; With my life, with all work, with every effort or personal effort, all that we are and do must honor God, which is not in this way does not glorify God. That’s why it does not matter what you do, just do it with love, dedication, effort, perseverance and with respect to the creator, who gave you those talents and abilities. God is willing to do more for you, but you must be more willing to serve him with love in everything you do, do it as for God.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 25-Jul-2018