The best inheritance you can give your children.

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He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently. Proverbs 13:24

Many parents ask ourselves what we are going to inherit from our children, many because we have nothing material to give them, others because they have a lot and are about to choose how to share the inheritance with their children, but the most valuable gift you can give your children is special education, what is this special education? Formal education or formal careers are part of what parents inherit from their children. However, the education of the first years even before school consists of the most valuable and lasting education a child can receive, this will enable and define it. your character forever. So the perfect time to prepare the character of the children is from zero to seven years, then there is not much to do but reinforce what they learned in childhood with example, but if their parents were snatched from these children after this period, and the inheritance must be complete and defined, that is why the wise Solomon affirms that whoever hastens to educate his son early does a lot of good. We as a father would like to take care of our children for life, however not all of us have that privilege, many parents have been separated from their children even when they are very small, perhaps a misfortune, an accident, wars or death and then there is only worth how little or how much they were taught in their childhood. As happened to an Israeli family in a military incursion of the Syrian army, the squads in charge of a Syrian general named Naaman, invaded the city killing the inhabitants and taking captives children and then be sold as slaves, among those captives They took a little girl after taking the life of her parents, they took her as a slave to the house of the same general to help the wife in the housework. Instead of living a life full of hatred and resentment this girl served in the house of their masters with love and dedication, and if it served means that the girl since childhood had learned the trades of the house, ie his parents taught him the works from home since she was a little girl, she was taught to be useful and to serve, this served her in her future, and not only the trades helped her but also the fact of having learned to love God, to forgive even those who had taken her life his parents, this shows that the work of his family had invested time at the small and early age to teach him, respect, love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy and to work. How many children today have never learned to wash a dish, cook even an egg or help in anything? How many parents still believe that this little one to learn, do it later, or maybe is studying should not waste time on domestic things, never stop training our children for a future life, our job as parents is not to spoil and spoil our children, but prepare them to live without us and be a blessing for society even from small, if until today you have educated your child in that selfish way making them dependent on you and useless for the future, it is time to change and it is better than educate today expecting the worst tomorrow, may never happen, but if it should happen, you will have saved your child’s life, this is true love. It is better that your children cry today while they receive education and industriousness and not that they have to mourn you in the future to see your son become a disgrace to society, or can not see them suffer because you are no longer. Educate your children as servants of the almighty God, as missionaries who share love, truth, goodness and service, and that will be the best inheritance given to their children.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 30-Jul-2018