The disobedient want reward.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

For God will bring every work to judgment, along with every hidden thing, whether it be good or bad. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Although it seems absurd, those who are worse off behave, are those who demand more, and sadly are currently the owners of the rewards, rewards and benefits, which should be intended for the obedient. But the wicked try to snatch them by force, and although they have succeeded so far, it will not always be so, the bad guys will receive their punishment, there is a judgment for every person in this world and in time it will come to him, not because the judgment means that it is excused from it, at last it will arrive and surely it will not be long. We live in a society where the innocent is afflicted and punished, the honest, are mocked and humiliated, where honesty and decency are belittled, and pride and brazenness are extolled, where their lies are published and pride is displayed as a gift of heaven, while the humble are trampled and mistreated. But although it seems to take, the justice of God always arrives and it does it with strong and powerful arm and it is there where the righteous ones will rise, where the oppressed ones will be liberated and the justice of God will be exhibited. I do not know which side you are on today, but the truth is that a trial will come, a ruling will be dictated on the impious, on those who make others fall and until today they call themselves invincible. At that time, the disobedient will receive their pay while the faithful, although we have no prize today, we will have the reward of having persevered in our fidelity. When the German army at the end of the Second World War, they observed that they were lost, it was when they recognized that what they had done was wrong, but for many years they caused harm, pain and terror for many including their own people, thinking that they would never be moved and that not even God could defeat them, but when they were defeated, and recognize what was coming, they decided to take their own lives to avoid punishment for their crimes. The evil is already condemned, although even the wicked are very strong, there is a sentence for those who put themselves on the side of the bad, that is why today’s call is; place yourself under justice, obedience, on the side of right, by the time the settling of accounts comes, you can raise your flag of victory and emerge victorious. The bad guys are always more, but the righteous are few, I hope that whoever is reading this message is part of those who yearn to be victorious on the day of final judgment.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 06-Aug-2018